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  • Crychan Forest Resource Plan

    Natural Resources Wales is responsible for the sustainable management of the publicly owned woodlands and forests of Wales. They are managed for the benefit and well-being of the people who visit them and depend on them for their livelihood. This responsibility includes improving their... More
    Closed 20 May 2021
  • Polisi Gorfodi a Chosbau Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru

    Cafodd ein polisi Gorfodi ac Erlyn ei gymeradwyo a'i gyhoeddi ym mis Mawrth 2013. Yn ddiweddar, gwnaethom sefydlu grŵp arbenigol mewnol, sy'n cynnwys cynrychiolwyr cyfreithiol, i gynnal adolygiad o'r polisi hwn a'r canllawiau cysylltiedig. Nid yw ein polisi na'n canllawiau diwygiedig... More
    Closed 27 September 2021
  • Enforcement and Prosecution Policy

    Our policy on Enforcement and Prosecution was approved and published in March 2013. We recently established an internal expert group, including legal representatives, to run a review of this policy and the associated guidance. Our revised policy and guidance do not... More
    Closed 27 September 2021
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