Natural Resources Wales is responsible for ensuring the protection of your privacy when you respond to a survey using this portal. If you were to give us any personal data (such as your full name, address, phone number or email), we would like you to know that it will be stored securely for a limited period of time, and used only for the purposes described in the survey and in compliance with the current data protection legislation.

Please note: When we run a survey, it is generally unnecessary to seek personal information from you, but on rare occasions, we might ask for some.

When would we do so?

We may ask you to provide your contact details if:

• you would be interested in discussuing a consultation or evidence further, or attending a follow up focus group type session

• we are launching a new service and you have expressed an interest and would like more details.

There is also an option to receive a copy of your survey response when you submit it. To do so you need to provide an email address. Please be aware that NRW does not have access to this email address, as it is stored by the provider of the system; Delib, who also have to comply with data protection legislation.

Full details of how NRW complies with the regulations are provided via the link below.

English: Natural Resources Wales Privacy Notice

Delib Privacy Information

Delib's software (this website) enables organisations to set up and operate activities, through which they can engage with you.

This site is managed by the controlling organisation, Natural Resources Wales Citizen Space. When you access and use this site, the personal information you have submitted to these activities will go to the organisation. Delib will not access your personal information unless requested to do so by the organisation, and only for the purposes of assisting them with the administration of this site.

Accessing your Personal Information

If you have any questions or requests about your personal information, for example to request a copy of it, or to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong, please contact the organisation (as stated in their Privacy Notice / Privacy Statement / Privacy Policy). It is the controlling organisation's responsibility to answer any questions or requests about your personal information.

Collection of Browser Information

The information provided by your computer when you use this website is collected by Delib. For example, your browser type, IP address, language preference, referring site and the date and time. The purpose for collecting this information is to maintain the security of the website and for operating and improving the software.