Changes to forestry powers under the new Agricultural Bill 2022

Closes 30 Mar 2023

Opened 16 Mar 2023


We are engaging on the development of new guidance that will help us to deliver the proposed changes to the existing Forestry Act (1967) under the new Agricultural Bill for Wales (2022).

The proposed changes will grant Natural Resources Wales (NRW) new powers to add environmental conditions to a felling licence and also to amend, suspend or revoke a felling licence that could contradict other environmental legislation, for example the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017.

The proposed changes will allow us to better safeguard habitats and species in Wales and provide protection from environmental damage.

What documents are currently available to view? 

We are currently inviting stakeholders and customers to view the below documents: 

Felling licence draft Baseline Conditions  

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