Ninewells – Thinning operations

Closed 30 Mar 2024

Opened 14 Sep 2023


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Update 14/02/2024

Forest thinning operations have now begun in this woodland.  

We estimate that the work will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete, and the timber  will be dispatched after this period.

Important safety update

Whilst the majority of the woodland will remain open,  we will need to close areas where the thinning operation is being carried out, to ensure the safety of our contractors and any visitors to the woodland.

Our contractors will be starting work in the eastern end of area 2 (marked on the map below) and working their way west.

For your safety, please make sure you adhere to any signage or track diversions that may be in place.
Thank you for your patience and co-operation whilst this work is carried out.

Find out more about visiting our forests safely here

What work will take place?

Forest thinning operations are due to begin shortly to thin the conifer trees within the woodland to help restore the forest back to Ancient Woodland.

The woodland is designated as a Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS).

  • Areas of young trees within the woodland that have not been thinned previously, will have their initial thin, which will allow better access to crops while promoting stability within the Stands.
  • Areas in the woodland where thinning has already occurred will be thinned further to create gaps in the tree canopy. This will help to increase light to the forest floor and increase diversity within the ground vegetation and promote natural regeneration within the understorey.

Why do we thin trees?

Once an area of trees has matured to a certain size, they begin to compete with one another for nutrients, water, and light.

Thinning the trees out helps to reduce this competition and allows us to remove unhealthy trees and those that are not growing well.

This is one of the most beneficial activities that can be done for a growing forest and is a vital part of the forest cycle.

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Lifecycle of our Forests and Woodlands 

Map showing affected area:

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