North Powys Bulking Facility PAN-013001

Closed 1 Jul 2021

Opened 20 May 2021

Results updated 23 Jul 2021

This consultation closed on 01 July 2021.  For the latest information on this application please see our statement page, here: Natural Resources Wales / Permit application for the proposed North Powys Bulking Facility


Powys County Council has applied for a new bespoke environmental permit under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016, to operate a new facility for the bulking of non-hazardous material from kerbside collections. They propose to accept and process up to 22,500 tonnes per year of non-hazardous waste, with a maximum of 425 tonnes on site at any one time prior to being transferred offsite for further recovery or disposal.

The only ‘treatment’ would be the bulking up of materials which would arrive pre sorted to site, meaning no sorting or separating of wastes on site. 

Full details on the application can be found within the application documents.

The location of the proposed facility is shown on the map below.

Why your views matter

We understand this permit application is of particular interest to the public and local community, therefore we have deemed it to be a 'High Public Interest' application. 

We are required legally to consult with the public on new bespoke permit applications for waste facilities. If the applicant can meet the legal requirements then we must issue the permit.  This means we are not legally able to refuse a permit purely based on local opposition, if all legal requirements are met.

This is your chance to view the application and supporting documents and respond to our consultation with your comments on these. 

You can look at the application documents free of charge on our online public registerPlease note one supporting document (Baseline site condition report) is available to view at the bottom of this consultation page as the file size is unfortunately too large for us to save to our public register.

You may need to download software applications to view certain documents on our on-line system – for example, if your email system isn’t compatible with Outlook. If you don’t want to do this, or if you need a document in a different format you can request a copy of the application from us.  Please note that requests may take time to process and there could also be a charge for providing hard copies of the application. 

Please consider the following information before responding to the consultation.

Our Public participation statement summarises our regulatory remit, what we can and can’t consider as part of our determination. 

We are able to consider the following as they are within our legal remit:

  • The proposed operator’s competency to meet permit conditions
  • General operational management of the proposed facility
  • Potential impact on the environment, habitats and designated sites
  • Fire prevention and mitigation plans
  • Handling and storing of any waste
  • Control of any odour, noise, dust, litter and pests

We are not able to consider the following as they are not within our legal remit:

  • The location of the site (local planning authorities remit)
  • Traffic (local planning authorities remit)
  • Visual impact (local planning authorities remit)
  • Land use (local planning authorities remit)
  • Operational hours (government policy, regardless of whether it's UK Government or Welsh Government)
  • Alternative locations for the site
  • Whether the applicant must also undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (local planning authorities' remit)

We do not have statutory consultees, instead we consult with other organisations and expert bodies as per our working together agreements to make sure we have taken into account any environmental risks. For this application we have consulted with the following organisations:

  • Powys County Council - Planning Department
  • Powys County Council - Environmental Health Department
  • Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service
  • Powys Teaching Health Board
  • Public Health Wales
  • Hafren Dyfrdwy Water Services Company

We may also consult with other organisations if we feel this is necessary during the determination.  


  • Virtual North Powys Bulking Facility Q&A Sessions (please read the further info on this event by clicking 'more information' below)

    From 3 Jun 2021 at 13:00 to 3 Jun 2021 at 19:00

    Due to Covid restrictions we are currently unable to hold face to face drop in events. However, we will be running individual one to one online virtual Q&A sessions on the 3rd of June where we can answer questions you may have about:
    - the application
    - our permit determination process
    - how you can submit your views to us via our consultation hub.

    The event will run from 1pm to 7pm, if you would like to book individual one to one 20 minute virtual Q&A slot with our team please email by mid day of the 31st May so we can arrange this with you.
    Requests will be answered in order of receipt. We will endeavour to accommodate requests as far as reasonably possible.


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