South Wales Knowledge Exchange Session: Air Quality

Closed 18 Dec 2020

Opened 23 Nov 2020


Air Quality is getting lots of attention. Blue skies and cleaner air during Covid19 have made people think. So what’s the role for NRW?

This time we have come together as South Central, South West and South East Wales. This is a cross-border issue which features in all our Area Statements – So what are we doing to tackle the health impacts and inequalities in our communities?


  • All Areas


  • Fly-fishing
  • Cockles
  • Newport Green and Safe Spaces
  • Flooding
  • Llifogydd
  • Community Volunteers
  • Gwirfoddolwyr Cymunedol
  • Management
  • English
  • Cymraeg
  • marine developers
  • marine planners
  • South West Stakeholder group


  • EIA