Online - Y Môr a Ni: Wales Ocean Literacy Strategy and Action Plan

Closed 20 Feb 2024

Opened 7 Feb 2024


Coast and Seas Partnership, Cymru (CaSP) would like to invite you to engage with “Y Môr a Ni: Wales Ocean Literacy Strategy and Action Plan” at two online workshops: 

  • February 21st 2024 – 2 - 3:30pm Online
  • February 21st 2024 – 7 - 8:30pm Online

We are aware that many could not attend the recent face to face workshops we held due to access and working commitments. This is an opportunity to engage in another way.

Ocean literacy in its simplest sense can be described as understanding your influence on the ocean, and its influence on you. Lots of fantastic work has been going on in Wales to support this idea, and a network of marine and coastal practitioners recognised the need for, and so have developed, a vision, strategy and action plan for this work.

We want to share this with you and better understand how we can lead this work forward, together.

Aim of the workshops:

To bring marine and coastal practitioners in Wales together to support the development of the Ocean Literacy Strategy in Wales (Y Môr a Ni).


  • Inform a wider group about the work of the Ocean Literacy working group and present the draft Y Môr a Ni: Strategy and implementation plan
  • Encourage active discussion and input to refine the strategy and implementation plan
  • Seek wider buy-in and commitment to delivering the implementation plan

An MS Teams meeting invitation will be sent out on 20th February for this event after registration.


  • All Areas


  • Coastal Group Members


  • Development