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Opened 11 Sep 2023


Public notice marine and coastal access act 2009 marine works (environmental impact assessment) regulations 2007 application for construction and dredge works associated with the Mostyn Energy Park extension project

Notice is hereby given that The Port of Mostyn Limited, Coast Road, Mostyn, Flintshire has furnished Natural Resources Wales (“NRW”) with further information in relation to the above application pursuant to regulation 14 of the Marine Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2007 (‘the EIA Regulations’). Notice of the application and the environmental statement was published on 27 Janaury 2023 and 03 February 2023.

The Port of Mostyn Limited has applied to NRW for a marine licence under Part 4 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 for work consisting of construction of a new quay wall and the reclamation of approximately 4.5ha of land behind the new sea wall. Dredging works will be required for the creation of new berths, and the deepening of existing berths and approach channel and will be required for future maintenance activities. The project requires EIA consent and is subject to the requirement for an environmental impact assessment (‘EIA’) under the EIA Regulations. An environmental statement has been prepared by the applicant.

Copies of the further information are available for public inspection free of charge during normal office hours at Holywell Library, Flintshire until 23 October 2023.

Copies of the environmental statement and the above documents can also be obtained online from or by emailing NRW at You can search for the documents using the application reference number CML2283.

If printed copies of the above documents are requested, a charge not exceeding reasonable copying costs may be payable.

Give us your views

Any person wishing to make representations regarding the further information should do so by writing to NRW at:

Permitting Service,
Natural Resources Wales,
Cambria House,
29 Newport Rd,
CF24 0TP

or by email to by the 23 October 2023. Representations must be in writing, dated and clearly state the name (in block capitals) and the full return email or postal address of the person making the representation.

Please quote reference number CML2283 in all correspondence.

Representations received from members of the public will be dealt with in accordance with Schedule 5 of the EIA Regulations. Copies of written representations received by NRW will be sent to the applicant and may also be made publicly available.

NRW is an appropriate authority under the EIA Regulations and has been delegated functions as the appropriate licensing authority by the Welsh Ministers for the purposes of Part 4 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. In determining the application, NRW may grant EIA consent for the project; grant EIA consent for the project with conditions attached; or, refuse EIA consent for the project.


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