Dyfnant Forest Resource Plan

Closed 22 Jan 2021

Opened 14 Dec 2020


Natural Resources Wales is responsible for the sustainable management of the publicly owned woodlands and forests of Wales. They are managed for the benefit and well-being of the people who visit them and depend on them for their livelihood. This responsibility includes improving their biodiversity and long-term resilience to climate change so that future generations will also be able to enjoy the benefits they provide. Every ten years Natural Resources Wales reviews the long-term management plans for each forest area. These are compiled in a new Forest Resource Plan.

The Dyfnant Forest Resource Plan covers a large forest area located approximately 14 miles north west of Welshpool, in the Local Authority area of Powys.  Nearby are the local village communities of Llangadfan, Llwydiarth, Garthbeibio and Foel.

The forest can be accessed via the B4395 from Llwydiarth.

Dyfnant forest sits between the catchments of the River Vynrwy and the River Twrch. To the east of Dyfnant are the Cambrian Mountains. 

Dyfnant Forest forms part of the National Forest for Wales. The National Forest will create areas of new woodland and help to restore existing woodlands including some of Wales’ irreplaceable ancient woodlands. In time, it will form a connected ecological network running throughout Wales, bringing social, economic and environmental benefits.

Dyfnant Forest


Below is a link to the summary of objectives for the plan followed by the indicative maps for the forest resource plan:

Dyfnant Forest Summary Objectives

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The following document helps to explain some of the categories shown on the maps:

Explanation of map keys                                           

Summary of the main changes that will occur in the forest:

  • To continue to maintain a sustainable supply of timber production supporting Welsh employment and the economy.
  • To improve resilience of woodland by diversifying tree species where suitable soil conditions are present in order to protect against pests and disease and to mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  • To continue with the restoration of Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS) to a semi-natural woodland state by using broadleaf planting and Low Impact Silvicultural Systems.
  • To protect the key features and habitats of the local SSSI, SPA and SAC.
  • To support the linkage of habitats alongside the public footpaths and trails, streams and rivers in the forest.
  • To identify and protect heritage features in the forest.
  • To promote access of the forest for the use of the general public for the benefit of their mental health and physical wellbeing.  
  • To retain the character of the forest within the surrounding landscape and consider visual impacts for the benefit of visitors and residents.




Why your views matter

We would like to know your opinion and views on the new plans for Dyfnant forest so it can help us improve its long-term management.


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