Western Wales river basin management plan 2021-2027

Closed 22 Jun 2021

Opened 22 Dec 2020

Results updated 22 Sep 2021

The summary of responses on the consultation to update the river basin management plans for Western Wales and the Dee is now published.  It is a summary of the comments received to the questions we asked, and the main themes raised by respondents. We will use the responses to inform our final river basin management plans.

The consultation to update the Severn River Basin Management Plan is led by the Environment Agency.  The date for the publication of the consultation is not yet confirmed by the Environment Agency but it is likely to be Autumn 2021.

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Natural Resources Wales is responsible for publishing river basin management plans for two river basin districts in Wales: Western Wales and Dee.

The current river basin management plans were published in 2015. We review and update these plans every 6 years. We are required to do this by the Water Framework Directive Regulations 2017.

The plans set out how organisations, stakeholders and communities will work together to improve the water environment in each district. The plans:

  • describe the pressures facing the water environment for the river basin district
  • set objectives for our rivers, lakes, estuaries, coastal and ground waters from 2021-2027
  • outline proposed actions needed to improve the water environment and the benefits that could be achieved

This consultation asks everyone to consider the issues impacting upon the water environment in the Western Wales river basin district and the actions needed to protect and restore the water environment.

Your responses to this consultation will be essential to shape, develop and update the Western Wales river basin management plans.

We are also consulting on updating the Dee river basin management plan for 2021-2027.

The updated Severn river basin management plan will be published by the Environment Agency.

Why your views matter

Water is essential for our health, our well-being, the economy and enabling a healthy, functioning environment on whose services we all rely. We drink it, flush it, swim in it, fish in it and plants and wildlife live in it.

Through our actions however, the fragile relationship between soil, water and vegetation has been altered. Urban development, drainage infrastructure and flood defences have further exacerbated those issues. 

All our activities place enormous pressure on water quality and quantity.

We need to find a better balance that meets the needs of nature and people, especially when considering future changes due to potential effects of climate change.

What happens next

This consultation has now closed, we would like to thank everyone who responded. We will be analysing feedback from all respondents and will publish the ‘Summary of Responses’ document in September.


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