Consultation on our regulatory fees and charges for 2024/2025

Closed 8 Jan 2024

Opened 16 Oct 2023

Results updated 28 Mar 2024

As a Welsh Government (WG) body, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) must comply with requirements set out in ‘Managing Welsh Public Money’. This requires that wherever possible we fully recover the costs of the regulatory services we provide from those who use them, rather than having those services funded through general taxation.

Many of NRW’s fees and charges had not been fully reviewed in several years. Starting with the recent Strategic Review of Charging for applications, we have embarked on a long-term approach to ensure that charging across NRW is cost reflective.

We recognise the financial impact our charging proposals might have on some businesses, especially as our proposals coincide with wider financial pressures from inflation and the increased cost of living. A failure to manage our charging schemes to ensure they reflect full cost recovery would however restrict our ability to deliver our regulatory duty, prevent pollution and contribute to tackling the climate and nature emergencies. Sustainable funding means we can maintain our specialist competencies, secure compliance with legislation and permits and adapt regulation. It is important that we are able to adapt regulation and funding to deliver the level of regulation needed in Wales to prevent pollution and to ensure natural resources are sustainably maintained, enhanced, and used, now and in the future.



We are consulting on our proposals to to update the charges for some of our permits, licences and compliance activities. You can find the full charging proposals below. Please read this before proceeding with the questions.

Our consultation questions ask you for your views on our proposals. We will use the feedback to inform our final proposals, which we intend to implement from April 2024, subject to Welsh Government approval.

Please fill in the sections headed About You and the General Questions before moving on to the regime specific sections. There is one final question for anything else that you would like to tell us.

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