Woodland creation at Ty’n y Mynydd –partnership working opportunity

Closed 15 Mar 2023

Opened 15 Feb 2023


We recently held a consultation to ask people for their feedback to help shape the designs for a new woodland at Ty’n y Mynydd Ffordd Penmynydd on Anglesey.

Thank you for getting in touch to share your feedback with us, whether that was through our online consultation, our drop in event at Canolfan Esceifiog, or by contacting us directly.

As a result of the feedback we have received, we have divided the site in to two areas to help us meet the objectives that have been identified:

  • Area one - A planting area for mixed woodland, approximately 4.5ha
  • Area two – Opportunity for partnership working, approximately 6.5ha

The plan below shows the area identified for mixed woodland (green hatched area) and the area identified for partnership working (brown hatched area)

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What will the site at Ty’n y Mynydd look like?

There are five main objectives that have been identified  for the site at Ty’n y Mynydd. These have been informed by the wider objectives for our Woodland Creation Programme, the site conditions, and the feedback we have received from stakeholders on our plans for the site.

  1. Enhance biodiversity through creating, restoring, and connecting habitats
  2. Work in partnership to deliver sustainable opportunities to grow food, trees, nature.
  3. Maximise woodland resilience to future climate change
  4. Establish a safe, low-key, accessible, outdoor space for recreation
  5. Create a woodland that is in keeping with the Anglesey landscape character

Partnership working opportunity – how can I get involved?

As a result of the feedback received, we have identified an exciting opportunity for us to work as part of a long-term partnership (for example, with a community group or local farming business) for the 6.5 hectares of the site that we will co-design as part of a partnership.

We are inviting groups or individuals to submit anexpression of interest, to work in partnership with us on this site, to deliver our objectives alongside their own. This will be available on the Government Property Database ‘e-PIMS’ Login, e-PIMS (cabinetoffice.gov.uk)

You can also request an EOI form by email to woodlandcreation.hub@cyfoethnaturiolcymru.gov.uk

As an example, ideas could include community woodland, community agriculture or food growing, silvo pasture, orchards or any combination of ideas like this.

We will work with successful submissions to co-design the partnership opportunity and enter into an agreement with us.

The deadline for the expression of interest will be 15 March 2023. 

Summary of feedback

We received 57 responses to our consultation. These were online (via citizen space), via email and letter, and in person during a ‘drop-in’ session held on 30 June at the Canolfan Esceifiog, community hall.

Overall, the responses indicated that biodiversity is perceived at the most important objective for woodland generally and specifically at this site, this was followed by ‘people/access’ and then climate change.

In terms of access, the greatest response regarding travel to the site was ‘car/motorbike’ but often this was qualified with comments regarding the current accessibility and safety of accessing the site on foot or not in a vehicle. If we are to meet our objectives, a clear longer terms priority will need to be establishing safe non-vehicular access.

The comments provided are difficult to quantify. However, an analysis categorises them into four key themes. Firstly, we received many enthusiastic and useful contributions to a woodland design which we can incorporate as we plan the finer details. Secondly, we received a substantial number of responses that referred to the development at Penrhos Woodland which is not within scope of this project and we have passed on to the relevant authority.

Thirdly and fourthly, we received comments regarding continued agricultural food production, and community and educational use of the site.

Unlike community/educational use, food/agriculture did not feature in the objectives for the site that we based the consultation and original design on. However, we understand the strong feeling attached to this therefore feel it important to consider this further. This has therefore been considered in the objectives and our approach to developing the site.

Further detail regarding consultations we have carried out and how these have influenced our plans can be found here: 

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