Mescoed Mawr East larch felling operations

Closed 30 Sep 2023

Opened 7 Sep 2022


What work is taking place?

Update 20/03/23

Felling operations to remove 14 ha of larch trees which are infected with Phytophora ramorum (more commonly known as larch disease) in Mescoed Mawr East woodlands, near Newport, have now been completed. 

Re planting will take place this winter as part of 2023/ 2024 restocking programme. 

Update 26 / 09 /2022

Felling operations have now begun in Mescoed Mawr East woodlands, near Newport, to remove larch trees which are infected with Phytophora ramorum (more commonly known as larch disease)

Approximately  14 hectares of larch will need to be removed and the work will take approximately 9 months.

What is larch disease?

Larch disease, or Phytophthora ramorum, is a fungus-like disease which can cause extensive damage and mortality to a wide range of trees and other plants. Larch disease spreads through airborne spores from tree to tree. It poses no threat to human or animal health. 

Whilst we cannot stop the spread of larch disease, we can take action to slow it down.

Find out more about our approach to tackling larch disease and Ash Dieback 

Forest access during operations

It is likely that we will have to close off public access to some areas of forestry whilst operations are taking place, to allow the work to be undertaken quickly and safely.

Whilst we do not like to close off access to our forests, which are enjoyed by many, live harvesting sites are incredibly dangerous, and this is necessary to protect the safety of our staff, our contractors, and visitors to the woodland.

Please adhere to all closures and diversion notices when they are in place. We will do everything we can to minimise disruption to the local community.

Find out more about visiting our forests safely here


Although it is unfortunate when we have to fell trees which are infected with larch disease,  it does provide us with the opportunity to re-design the woodlands and make them more resilient for the future.

We take pride in making sure our forests are felled responsibly, to meet all the requirements of UK Forestry Standards.

Our forestry team will closely monitor the site for signs of natural regeneration within the first five years of felling. Where natural generation is not possible, we will replant with a mixture of species, with a change in planting patterns that will help the woodland be more resistant to the threat of pests and diseases and climate change.

Map showing affected area Mescoed Mawr East

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