Information on forestry operations in the Wylie woodlands

Closes 10 Apr 2025

Opened 10 May 2024


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We’re pleased to say that a new contractor has now been appointed for felling operations in the Wylie woodland in the Sirhowyi valley, and work is due to begin imminently.

Towards the end of May, the timber stacks that have already been felled at roadside will be picked up and transported to a timber mill.

Felling work to remove the remaining 38 ha of larch trees that are infected with phytophthora ramorum (more commonly known as larch disease) will then take place in August, to avoid bird nesting season.

Please be aware there will be timber wagons using the forest road. For your safety and our contactors please adhere to any signage that may be in please.

Please note that this work is a continuation of our previous forestry operations within this woodland and is separate to the planning application for the Bedwas Tip reclamation proposal.

We’d like to thank the community and visitors to the woodland for their patience and understanding whilst this work is carried out.

Public access

Footpaths and Public Rights of Way in the Wylie will remain open to the public, but to ensure your safety and that of our contractors, please make sure you obey any diversions or operational signage that’s in place.

Map showing affected areas in The Wylie

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Please note the colours on the map signify the areas of the coupe where will work take place within the woodland


Once all the diseased larch has been removed, we plan to replant trees in the affected areas. This will include a diverse mix of species to help ensure our woodlands are more resilient to pests and disease in the future.

Map showing plans to restock in the Wylie woodlands

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