Announcement of intention not to prepare an environmental statement: Improvement works to NRW Pye Corner Depot

Closed 16 Nov 2022

Opened 19 Oct 2022


Regulation 12B of the Environmental Impact Assessment (Land Drainage Improvement Works) (Amendment Regulations) 2017/585

Natural Resources Wales gives notice that it proposes to carry out improvement works to NRW Pye Corner Depot, Nash, Newport NP18 2BT

The proposed improvement works will involve maintenance of the yards surface, and the erection of industrial sheds with roof PV panels, to act as storage and cover for plant and material to the south of the depot, alongside the improvement of car parking spaces upgraded to EV charging points.

Natural Resources Wales considers that the improvement works are not likely to have significant effects on the environment and does not intend to prepare an environmental statement in respect of them. Although an environmental statement is not proposed, the scheme design has considered environmental factors associated with the site and incorporated environmental improvements where feasible.


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