Working to address economic inequalities in Gwent

Closed 16 Feb 2024

Opened 10 Jan 2024


The Gwent Public Services Board (PSB) would like to engage all those in Gwent who are working to address economic inequalities and enhancing our prosperity for both people and environment together. The Gwent Wellbeing Plan sets out the objectives and steps that we will take to tackle the most important issues for the people of Gwent. This survey supports and informs our understanding of how we are going to deliver the plan for the next 5 years spanning the counties of Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport and Torfaen.

We want to recognise, celebrate, and build on the successful projects across Gwent. By completing this survey, you will help us better understand which community groups, organisations, businesses and public bodies in Gwent are funding, planning or delivering projects that:

  • Increase economic activity
  • Addresses long-term & youth unemployment
  • Promotes decent, fair employment opportunities
  • Pathways to employment (e.g. enhances green skills, training, volunteering and apprenticeships)
  • Tackles fuel and food poverty, including insecurity and cost of living
  • Champions a wellbeing economy, where the needs of people and the environment are equally met
  • Enhances economic growth that is sustainable, green and equitably shared

Telling us about your project will help shape and inform a delivery plan that improves economic chances for everyone while ensuring those most in need get the most support. Together we can build on learning and good practice, develop ideas and innovation, and promote collaborative integrated ways of working that helps build a fairer and resilient Gwent.

You can find out more about the Gwent PSB here: Home - Gwent Public Services Board Gwent Public Services Board ( Natural Resources Wales (NRW), as a PSB member organisation, is hosting this survey on behalf of the PSB.

Why your views matter

Some useful information before you start the survey:

  • Throughout the survey we ask about ‘Projects’. For the purpose of this questionnaire, this term is to be considered interchangeably with but not limited to; programmes, initiatives, campaigns, strategies, plans and work strands. These can also be at any stage of development and delivery, ranging from ideas, planning, and scoping to funding, implementation and completion.
  • You should have received a Word document to accompany this link so you can see all the questions together.  If you haven’t had this and would like a copy, please contact
  • Some questions need to be answered before you can move on, but others are voluntary, just share what information you can.
  • You don’t need to complete the survey in one go, you can save your answers and return later to complete the survey.
  • If you would like to tell us about more than one project, please complete a separate survey for each one.
  • It should take 15 mins to complete this survey.
  • This survey is live (10th January 2024)

What happens next

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your project, we will share the results of this survey later in the year.


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