Briers Grove – Thinning operations

Closed 30 Mar 2024

Opened 14 Sep 2023


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What work is taking place?

Forest thinning operations are due to begin shortly in the south of Briers Grove woodland to thin the Red Cedar within the wood.

There are also number of ash trees along the footpath on the east side of the woodland that need to be removed as they pose a risk to visitor’s safety.  

The work is expected to be completed in approximatley 6 months. 

Why do we thin trees?

Once an area of trees has matured to a certain size, they begin to compete with one another for nutrients, water, and light.

Thinning the trees out helps to reduce this competition and allows us to remove unhealthy trees and those that are not growing well.

This is one of the most beneficial activities that can be done for a growing forest and is a vital part of the forest cycle.

Find out more about how we look after our forests:  Lifecycle of our Forests and Woodlands 

Map showing affected area

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