Sands of LIFE Conference, May 2024 - Presentations

Closed 17 May 2024

Opened 15 May 2024


Sands of LIFE Final Conference

Session 1: Opening of Conference                                                             


Welcome and introduction

Nick Thomas, Strategic Project Manager, Natural Resources Wales

Opening speech from Natural Resources Wales Chief Executive

Clare Pillman, CEO Natural Resources Wales


Session 2: Sands of LIFE – Five years of action                                        


A roundup of project achievements

Kathryn Hewitt, Sands of LIFE Project Manager

A generation of change - sand dune vegetation monitoring

Steven Heathcote, JBA Consulting, Principal Ecologist

Jewels of the dunes – impact of conservation measures on Welsh dune invertebrates

Mike Howe, Natural Resources Wales, Invertebrate ecologist


Session 3: Forestry on dunes                                                                      


Landscape transformations and logistical challenges in Wales

Laura Davies, SoLIFE Project and Monitoring Officer and Kathryn Hewitt

What works best – A trial of interventions following conifer removal

Mark van Til, Nature Management Advisor, Waternet, Netherlands

Past and future conifer removal on Ainsdale Sand Dunes NNR

Dave Mercer, Manager at Ainsdale Sand Dunes National Nature Reserve, Natural England


Session 4: Radical responses                               


Over 15 years of European bison in the dunes of Zuid-Kennemerland

Esther Rodriguez, PWN, Netherlands


Implementing the SNAP approach (managing nitrogen air pollution)

Siobhan Murphy, Monitoring Officer Dynamic Dunescapes

We did not expect that! Our first experience translocating rabbits

Luc Geelan, Nature Management Advisor, Waternet Netherlands

Recreating dunes on agricultural land

Jeppe Pilgaard, Biologist & Project Manager, Thy National Park, Denmark

Session 5 and 6: Site visit                                

Not recorded

Session 7: Tackling challenges                                                                    


Controlling invasive alien species – lessons learnt from the LIFE DUNIAS project 

Reinhardt Strubbe, LIFE DUNIAS Project Manager, Belgium

Going out with a bang – coping with unexploded ordnance

Lucy Smith, SoLIFE Project and Monitoring Officer

Valuing dunes – socio - economic benefits

Kate Linck, SoLIFE Finance and Admin Officer


Session 8: Facing the future                                                                         


Around the UK – future plans, ambitions and strategies


Stewart Angus, NatureScot


Marina Pugh, Coastal Habitats Senior Specialist Advisor, Natural England

Wales – including the Welsh Sand Dune Strategy

Julie Creer, Coastal Habitats Lead Specialist Advisor, Natural Resources Wales

UK Sand Dune and Shingle network relaunch


Paul Rooney, Senior Lecturer, Liverpool Hope University & Ben McCarthy, Head of Nature Conservation National Trust


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