Consultation on draft decision for a permit variation at Nine Mile Point Waste Transfer Facility

Closed 26 Sep 2022

Opened 30 Aug 2022


In November 2021 we received an application (PAN – 016095) from Drumcastle Limited, to vary an existing environmental permit for the waste transfer facility at Nine Mile Point Industrial Estate, Cwmfelinfach, Caerphilly.

The variation to the permit proposes to remove the combustion of natural gas that is used for drying waste. It also proposes the use of an activated carbon filter, which would help to reduce potential odour released from the site.

Following a public consultation held in April this year, in which we considered all relevant comments, we have now completed a thorough technical assessment and determination of the application and are minded to grant the proposed changes to the permit and issue the variation.

Although the site is not yet operational, Drumcastle Limited currently holds an environmental permit for the treatment of non-hazardous household, commercial and industrial waste to produce solid recovered and refuse derived fuel. 

The existing environmental permit was successfully transferred from Hazrem Environmental to the new operators Drumcastle Limited in January 2022 following the necessary checks.

What are we consulting on?

Before making a final decision, we’re holding a second public consultation, to give people the opportunity to view the draft decision document and raise any concerns or bring to our attention any relevant information that we have not already considered in making our draft decision.

We will only grant the variation to the permit if we believe that the operator has the ability to meet the conditions of the permit. Any permit we grant will include appropriate conditions to protect human health and the environment. 

Please note, we can only take into account matters which are within our legal remit under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016 (EPR). 

Legally, we must grant a permit (or change to permit) if the applicant can show that all the legal requirements will be met, and the operator is able to demonstrate that they can carry out the activity without significant risk to the environment or human health.

More information is available in our Public Participation Information

What information is available? 

You can view the draft decision document free of charge, from our online public register

Or you can request a copy of the information from us. This may take time to process and there could be a charge.

The consultation will run from 30 August 2022 to 26 September 2022.


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