Tintern Wireworks Bridge Refurbishment

Closed 6 Apr 2022

Opened 9 Mar 2022


Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009

Notice of Application for Tintern Wireworks Bridge Refurbishment

Notice is hereby given that Gloucester County Council has applied to Natural Resources Wales (“NRW”) for a marine licence to carry out a regulated activity under the Marine and Coastal Act 2009. The application is for Tintern wireworks bridge refurbishment works.

You can see the application documents free of charge, from https://publicregister.naturalresources.wales/. You can search for the documents using the application reference number CML2202.

In light of the current public health situation surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) a hard copy of the application and supporting documents will not be available in a public place at this time.

If printed copies of the above documents are requested, a charge not exceeding reasonable copying costs may be payable.  


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