Wales Water Management Forum Questionnaire

Closed 17 Nov 2023

Opened 4 Oct 2023


The last River Basin Managements Plans (RBMPs) were published in 2022, the next ones will be published in 2027. We wish to work with you and other stakeholders to make this process work for all parties. 

Please complete the survey to help us to produce a RBMP that makes a difference and better manages the water environment. Tell us what you like about the current format, what you don’t like and what’s missing.

Public bodies must have regard to the RBMP when exercising their relevant functions, this is our chance to make RBMPs help us to do this.


  • All Areas


  • citizens
  • water companies
  • NFU
  • DCWW
  • Anglers
  • Coal Authority


  • WFD
  • water framework directive
  • water planning
  • Dee
  • river basin planning