Wales Funder Priorities

Closed 31 Jul 2023

Opened 20 Jun 2023


NRW has recently launched our new corporate scheme and we are now developing our finance portfolio for 2024-2030.

As part of developing the portfolio, we have started to do some mapping to understand what other funders are looking to support and how. We are interested in providing grant programmes that directly address the challenges of nature and climate emergencies and understand what the gaps are and ensure that we do not duplicate other available funds.  We would also like to explore opportunities to collaborate with other funders to maximise impact.

We have 6 questions and would be grateful if you could contribute from your organisation's perspective.



  • All Areas


  • Fly-fishing
  • Cockles
  • Newport Green and Safe Spaces
  • Rivers
  • Flooding
  • Llifogydd
  • Community Volunteers
  • Gwirfoddolwyr Cymunedol
  • Management
  • marine developers
  • marine planners
  • South West Stakeholder group
  • Citizens
  • National Access Forum
  • citizens
  • water companies
  • NFU
  • DCWW
  • Anglers
  • Coal Authority
  • Educators
  • SoNaRR2020
  • Mine recovery specialists
  • Arbenigwyr adfer mwyngloddiau
  • Coastal Group Members


  • Community Engagement