Consultation on NRW’s approach to regulating the shooting and trapping of wild birds in Wales

Closed 11 Nov 2021

Opened 19 Aug 2021


All wild birds in Wales have legal protection. Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has a number of powers under which we can authorise others to kill or take particular species of wild birds, eggs and nests for certain purposes, for example in order to prevent serious damage to crops, livestock or fisheries, to protect public health or safety or to conserve other species of wildlife.

We are undertaking a review of how we exercise these powers.

This review is looking at the different types of permissions that we offer and the processes used to deliver these activities to seek to make improvements.

Why are we consulting?

We want to hear your views on our proposals.

The findings of the consultation will help shape our future approach to the permissions we give for shooting and trapping wild birds in Wales and the destruction of their eggs and nests.

What are we consulting on?

This consultation seeks your views on proposals for NRW’s approach to regulating the shooting and trapping of wild birds in Wales and the destruction of eggs and nests. The details of our proposals are contained in a consultation document. Links to the consultation document and a number of other relevant documents are given below.

Please read the information in the consultation document before responding.

How to respond

Please submit your consultation response using this online survey. Start by clicking on the link below which will take you to the consultation questions. From each set of questions you will be able to access the consultation document.

If you are unable to respond online please email us at or write to Wild Bird Review Consultation, Natural Resources Wales, Maes y Ffynnon, Bangor LL57 2DW.

What happens next

This consultation is closed. Below you can find links to:

  • a report summarising the responses to the consultation;
  • a report explaining the decisions we have made regarding general licences for the lethal control of wild birds;
  • other reports relevant to our review of these general licences.

More information about the review can be found HERE.


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