Give your views on our Well-being Objectives to help to develop our next Corporate Plan!

Closed 4 Mar 2022

Opened 14 Feb 2022


We are developing NRW’s Corporate Plan to 2027 and want to seek your views about our Well-being Objectives. The Corporate Plan sets out what Natural Resources Wales will do over the next 5 years to improve the environment in Wales and help tackle the climate and nature emergencies.

Natural Resources Wales’ purpose is to pursue sustainable management of natural resources (SMNR) in all of its work. This means looking after air, land, water, wildlife, plants and soil to improve Wales’ well-being, and provide a better future for everyone.

The Well-being Objectives are how we maximise our contribution        across the 7 Well-being of Future Generations Act (2015) Goals. This is NRW’s contribution to the sustainable development of Wales.  It is really important that we hear your views to shape these objectives and the actions we need to take to tackle the climate and nature emergencies.

Here is some information about NRW and who we are.

Our Well-being Objectives frame our Corporate Plan and here is a link to our current Corporate Plan.

To develop the Corporate Plan we will draw on evidence shared within the State of Natural Resources Report for Wales 2020. This report is an assessment of Wales' sustainable management of natural resources, including Wales' impact globally. You can read SoNaRR2020 here

Our Well-being Objectives are strongly linked to the use and management of natural resources in Wales, to minimise the impacts of resource use in Wales and across the globe. We will be asking your views on our current Well-being Objectives, if we should change them and and how we should change them. You'll find information about our current Well-being Objectives throughout this survey.

You don’t have to read all the links to answer the survey but they are there if you need more information.

This survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and your response is anonymous. You can complete as an individual or on behalf of your organisation.

This survey is one part of the wider work we are doing to involve NRW staff and stakeholders in the development of the Well-being Objectives for the next Corporate Plan. Input from these sessions will be captured and a summary of the results from this survey will also be published later in the year for further comment.

The closing date for this survey is Friday 4th March 2022. Thank you for taking the time to help us.


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