Consultation on our UK Emission Trading Scheme Charges for 2021-22

Closed 11 May 2021

Opened 16 Feb 2021


NRW is the regulator in Wales for the UK Emission Trading Scheme which replaces  the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme following our exit from the European Union.

As part of the withdrawal agreement from the European Union, the UK continued to be a part of the EU ETS during the transition period until 31st December 2020. In December 2020 the Government Response confirmed that a UK Emissions Trading Scheme would come into force on the 1st January 2021.

This consultation sets out our proposed charging scheme in Wales for the UK ETS.


What happens next

We are seeking your views and opinions on our proposed UK ETS charges in Wales for 2021/22.

    1. How to Respond

The closing date for replies is 11th May 2021

You can reply in the following ways:



Future Regulation Team – UK ETS Charging Scheme Consultation

Natural Resources Wales
Maes y Ffynnon

LL57 2DW

Available on our website at

    1. Data Protection

How the views and information you give us will be used

Any response you send us will be seen in full by Natural Resources Wales staff dealing with the consultation.  It may also be seen by other Natural Resources Wales staff to help plan future consultations. 

We intend to publish a summary of the responses to this document.  We may publish responses in full.  Normally the name and part of the address of the person making the response are published with the response.  This helps to show that the consultation was carried out properly.  If you do not want your name and address to be published let us know when making your response and we will remove them from published material. 

Names and addresses we remove might still be published later, although we do not think this would happen very often.  The Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 allow the public to ask to see information held by many public bodies, including Natural Resources Wales.  This includes information which has not been published.  However, the law also allows us to withhold information in some circumstances.  If anyone asks us to seek information we have withheld, we will have to decide whether to release it or not.  If someone has asked for their name and address not to be published that is an important factor that we would take into account.  However, there might sometimes be an important reason why we would have to reveal someone’s name and address, even though they have asked them not to be published.  We would get in touch with the person and ask their views before we finally decide to reveal the information. 

Following the consultation, we will make all comments (excluding personal information as detailed above) and our responses publicly available on our website.  If you respond with an email address, we will acknowledge your response and will notify you when the summary of responses has been published on our website.



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